IEOSP Business Club is for business owners and representatives, who want to join an online-based community with borderless possibilities. We, at IEOSP Business Club believe in InternationalityEqualityOpportunitySustainability, and Personality. If we really want it these words can change the World,

The soul of IEOSP Business Club is the fully featured community portal, where our members can meet together from all around the World, find and build new connections, or just follow others who share interesting posts. They can create micro-communities in our thematic groups. We created several group categories to find them easier and faster. For more information please read our club-specific benefits page.

Another big part of IEOSP Business Club is the marketplace, where club members can sell their products and services to other members or any other customers. They can define member-only prices and regular selling prices. Every member can open his / her new store in the marketplace. For more information please read our marketplace-specific benefits page.

IEOSP Business Club’s members can create their events. Our event management platform is much more. We created dedicated pages for event venues and event organizers. For more information please read our event-specific benefits page.

We honor Your loyalty. We developed our Referral Program for our Members. We pay 5% – 30% referral bonus on each invited member. Bonus based on the selected membership.

IEOSP Business Club is owned and powered by IEOSP Global Holding, LLC. The company was founded on 19/07/2010 in Florida, United States of America.